Ship salvage. This activity aims to salvage and recover sunken ships and goods, which is accomplished based on specific mathematical calculus that is characteristic to ship building technology.


Underwater interventions. We are capable to execute the most complex underwater works, on various naval objectives or to hydro technical constructions, using latest our technologies and equipment.

Pleasure diving. We want to prove that diving activity is not for professionals only, that it can be an agreeable sport for amateurs too.

That’s why we have started the Indeep Club, a meeting place for those who seek to have fun by exploring the depths and by discovering a new perspective.

Humanitarian activities (missing persons search – recovery).
We perform missing persons and objects search and recovery in aquatic environment.


Maintenance. Atlantis Mar Group provides maintenance and repairing services for:
- electric installations
- sanitary installations
- refrigerating installations
- other interior works.

From the maintenance services can benefit:
- ships
- companies
- individuals.


Business Research SRL

Societatea Atlantis Mar a dovedit disponibilitate la efort fizic si financiar pentru finalizarea lucrarilor contractate in regim ‘no cure no pay’ achitandu-se cu brio de sarcinile revenite prin contractul de servicii.
Fata de cele de mai sus si in special datorita colaborarii de exceptie dintre companiile noastre, noi o recomandam in mod deosebit.

Administrator, A. Beioglu

Ministerul Administratie si Internelor. Inspectoratul Judetean al Politiei de Frontiera Ialomita.

Seful IJPF Ialomita, Comisar sef de politie Duduc Banica

CNFR Navrom S.A. Galati Sucursala Constanta

A participat la ranfluarea impingatorului Isaccea –9, ceam 0722, barjelor 20075, 20076, 11083, la salvarea macaralei NR 321 si altele.
Pe parcursul colaborarii, S.C. Atlantis Mar Group SRL s-a caracterizat printr-un inalt grad de competenta profesionala, seriozitate si a raspuns prompt la solicitarile noastre. De asemenea, este un partener comercial stabil, iar relatiile dintre noi au avut la baza avantajele reciproce.
Recomandam firma Atlantis Mar Group SRL tuturor potentialilor beneficiari ai serviciilor sale.

Director executiv, Ing. Dumitru Stefan